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“As a high school football coach, I receive requests from many different trainers and gyms to work with our athletes. For 14 years I turned all of them down because I didn’t believe they could train a whole team. Then I met Ryan Englebert, founder of ETS. 

I realized quickly that his passion for training athletes would allow him to bring a personalized approach to a whole team. He described new and innovative ways to train athletes that I had never heard of.  ETS began training our team two summers ago and we noticed a change immediately. Our kids were working hard and working with a purpose. 

The variety in the workouts kept our kids coming back for more despite how difficult they were at times. It has been almost two years since ETS took over our training and it has been one of the best decisions we have made as a football program. Our kids are training harder and smarter in and out of season and there is no question we have become quicker, more explosive, and more athletic. Nothing proves this more than winning the State Championship in 2018, for which we credit a large part due to the way our athletes prepare. 

We are proud to be an ETS school. Commit. Overcome. Conquer.”

— Brian Vossen, Lakeville North High School Football Coach


ETS EDU Mission:

“Our mission is to provide unmatched speed, power, deceleration, energy system development, movement and performance mastery training for serious athletes who are 100% committed to fully maximizing both their genetic physical and psychological potential.”

The ETS EDU Vault System is designed for high schools, sports associations and high-level clubs across the country to implement a cost-effective training system for all athletes of all sports with specific ability-based variations, and continued next level coaching instruction that will change the game in how athletes prepare and perform.   Every athlete will have access to game changing performance and nutrition systems that will continue to evolve as their performance progresses to ensure continued development and improved results.  Along with the cutting-edge training and nutrition systems, there will also be several added perks, bonuses and additional leadership development opportunities for both the athletes and the staff to take full advantage of. 

ETS Training Philosophy: 

Our training philosophy is to provide every athlete the opportunity to significantly improve their relative strength, power, linear and lateral speed, ability to biomechanically master the art of deceleration while also significantly improving their overall athleticism and becoming less prone to injury.   Our systematic and step-by-step approach to developing better athletes will translate to dramatically improved performance on the field, court and ice.  

Each athlete will take part in a progressive ability-appropriate plan of strength, speed, agility, and deceleration training that will not only allow them to maximize their skills and athleticism in their sport, but also improve their overall athleticism.  It’s crucial for every athlete to develop the basic fundamental athletic and biomechanical movements, strength techniques and deceleration protocols through a customized plan in order to truly maximize their potential.  

We believe the missing link in most training programs is the lack of consistent and professional emphasis and attention to detail on the basics of an athlete’s complete athletic development separated from their sport-specific skill work.  Our vision is that every athlete will experience a next level training atmosphere that can’t be matched and is equally focused on character development, accountability and competition as it is the next level performance results that every athlete will gain.  Our goal is for every athlete to leave each session understanding the physical objective for that session, but also understand the importance of consistency, dedication and commitment to ensure they are maximizing their results.  

ETS Nutrition Implementation: 

A frequently overlooked factor in the development of youth athletes is the importance of nutrition. The right nutrition combined with specific nutrient timing is crucial for every athlete to enhance the recovery process and therefore maximize their workouts.  Every ETS EDU athlete will have access to their own ETS EDU nutrition app.  Regardless of an athlete’s ability level, goals and needs, this app will eliminate the guesswork and provide athletes and their parents with the education on what’s necessary and what’s ideal to fuel their bodies with.  It will also provide step-by-step guidelines for how and when every athlete should fuel their body for optimizing performance. Depending on the athlete’s goals and the sport they play, they’ll have a customized library of nutrition options to help them hit their “recommended” macro-nutrients for each day and set them up for ultimate success. 



    • ETS EDU Vault with ETS EDU Training Systems

    • ETS EDU MAX Profit Coaches and Fund-Raising Plan 

    • ETS equipment and facility layout recommendations

    • Access to ETS Branding and Logo

    • 2 Day ETS EDU All-Access Training 

    • Exclusive ETS Program Launch Presentation at High School or Club/Association 


    • Seasonal Sport Specific ETS Strength & Speed Systems plus Implementation 

    • Seasonal Consulting & Program Implementation with ETS EDU Executive Team

    • Monthly Training and Consulting available upon request with ETS EDU Executive Team

    • Annual ETS Continuing Education Workshop 

    • ETS Nutrition System & Implementation

      • Specific nutrition systems for all athletes with variations depending on athletes’ goals and needs.

      • Specific ETS EDU nutrition tracking software for every athlete to maximize their goals and training gains. 

      • Step-by-step instruction on how to use the ETS-EDU APP for maximum benefit. 

        • Normal ETS Client rate ($19/month or $199/year) INCLUDED FREE with ETS EDU VAULT

        • Specific Perks/Bonus Opportunities for athletes who are consistent in tracking their progress.  (Team competitions) 


“ETS has done wonders for our program not only in the physical preparation of our athletes but also the mental toughness as well. ETS does a great job in keeping our kids constantly striving to do things they never thought they could, and increasing their explosiveness and athleticism on a daily basis. From the time we have started ETS, our program has went from a program that was below .500 to a team that has now gone to the state tournament 6 straight years. I’m 100% convinced that without ETS, this does not happen.”

— Matt Lombardi, Maple Grove High School Football Coach

“The experience, training and growth opportunity provided by the staff at ETS is unquestionably the best in the state. Founder Ryan Englebert and his Performance Coaches have worked tirelessly to provide an exceptional program for all athletes that is unique in the world of high school athletics. Without a doubt, the Lakeville North Volleyball program (2017 State Champions) has been directly impacted by the excellence and discipline built into and resulting from our training with ETS. While the performance growth is substantial, what our players often talk about is the consistency, encouragement and knowledge provided by their staff. There is no question that this training has supported the success achieved within our program. Thank you ETS!”

— Jackie Richter, Lakeview North Volleyball Coach

“The ETS team provides strength and mobility workouts specifically designed to both help enhance the performance of our cross-country athletes and to help prevent injury. The key to making performance gains in long distance running is consistency in training, and a major part of consistency is staying healthy and injury-free. Strength training in cross country runner’s targets both the muscles they need to run faster along with the muscle imbalances that can cause injury. The ETS systems understand that, providing our team with a holistic strength program to make us strong, well-balanced athletes that are ready to reach our performance goals.”

— Conor Wells, Totino Grace High School Cross Country Coach

“Our districts partnership with ETS is about so much more than the training of our athletes.  From the top down, their organization is about supporting the culture the we as coaches work so hard to instill in our players. In the case of River Falls Football it was about changing the culture, helping our athletes realize both their individual and team potential.  With the continued support from Ryan and ETS, River Falls is in the process of turning the corner in all of our programs. Their personalized training has helped our athletes become not only highly conditioned, but more confident.  I cannot thank them enough for supporting our team and districts growth.”

— David Crail, River Falls High School Football Coach

“Committing to work with ETS for our team training was one of the best decisions our coaching staff has made. Day in and day out, our players were challenged and pushed beyond any level they would have reached on their own thanks to the detailed programming.  Not only did we see physical improvements in strength, speed, and coordination, but also in teamwork, mental toughness, and confidence. ETS is committed to high standards and with their amazing implementation plan, the program ensured our athletes performed movements safely and correctly. The expertise and knowledge that ETS provides is second to none. We look forward to continuing to work with ETS!”

— Darla Diermeier, Elk Mound High School Volleyball Coach

“Since its inception into our high school, ETS has made pronounced difference in the strength and athleticism for the River Falls Baseball team. I have been more than impressed with the energy and passion that the ETS system has instilled in our kids to push one another individually, while also maintaining a team orientated atmosphere. ETS has been a game changer for our student-athletes and I look forward to seeing continued results for years to come.”

— Ryan Bishop, River Falls High School Baseball Coach

“We thank ETS for providing the strength and conditioning system for our entire Farmington Hockey Association this year! We take great pride in our athletes and have found ETS to significantly help us build that foundation for our youth. We have seen firsthand the amazing difference their training has provided our athletes as it has transitioned to the ice.”

— Derek Lafferty, Farmington Hockey Association

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